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Pet Containment

The Best Dog Fencing Options

 Out of Sight Fencing®

labsMore room for your dog and increased value for your


When you decide on an out of sight fence, you improve your property and the quality of your dog’s life. Frost Kennels offers it all, with prompt and attentive service and a love for your dog that is unmatched by any competitor. Let your dog run with the freedom he deserves.

$999 installed up to 1 acre per 1 dog. Call for special offers when available.

Take a virtual tour and Learn How Out of Sight Pet Fencing Works

Dog Fencing for Your Property: Frost Kennels  can offer you a variety of options for pet containment, out of sight electronic pet fencing. Let us help you make the right decision based on your budget, property and dog. Frost Kennels has a reputation for consistently surpassing customer expectations.