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AKC German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Nebraska

Ferrari Vom Haus Frost

Ferrari Vom Haus Frost

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FROST KENNELS IS FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED!!! All of our dogs are carefully hand selected in Europe and then bred to keep bringing the finest quality pups for companionship all the way to IPO/HOME PROTECTION/K-9 Units. We specialize in placing the right dog in the right home.

NOT ALL DOGS ARE GOOD FOR EVERY SITUATION!! A lot of genetic study and health testing goes into our breeding’s before a breeding takes place. We have trained dogs available all year round. We also specialize In training any breed dog you may have to the highest level of training possible!

Import Puppies Always Available

Import Puppies Always Available

We strive to bring everyone the best possible dog for each and every situation. Our kennel sits on almost 4 acres 3 of which is fully fenced in to insure lots of room to work and exercise the dogs. All of our dogs are very well socialized with kids and other dogs. We have some of the best trainers and training techniques there is to offer in today’s day and age. All of our dogs are free fed and never hungry. We pride ourselves in being able to show each and everyone of our top quality dogs in top quality condition! All of our kennels are indoor outdoor and we also have full outdoor kennels for the nicer days with dog houses. It’s not fair to keep a dog cooped up inside a building their whole life.

20150510_110614Our property also has a onsite house for our out of town and overseas visitors. At the home/kennel we also have one of our lifelong friends and employees who also lives there to again insure that our dogs always have someone near by shall a situation arise. He is also responsible for checking food, water and cleaning daily! Each day we also rotate dogs around so that they are free to roam outside of kennels and with other dogs. Again to make sure they are always interacting with each other and people. Our trainers take our dogs to parks, stores and to family events to have the dogs around as much interaction as possible!

Feel free to call us anytime to ask as many questions as you’d like. We’re hear to help everyone and offer lifetime support! WE ARE AKC, USDA AND LOCAL DOG WARDEN INSPECTED EACH AND EVERY YEAR!!! Thanks for reading and please enjoy our site! Also feel free to like us on facebook for more updated events, dogs importing in and puppies!!!