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q-oct-2016I was looking to get young adult German Shepherd and just happen to come across Frost Kennels website. I called and spoke with Robert and he worked with me on getting just the right dog. Quincy was 12 months old and partially trained. He is a big, beautiful solid black GSD. We couldn’t be any happier. He has a great personality and is wonderful with our kids and our other small pets. Quincy will be heading back to Robert for two weeks board and train and I’m more then excited to see the results. I highly recommend Frost Kennels and will definitely purchase another dog from them when the time is right.

-Jay F


I was hesitant to add another dog to our family, but I am so pleased with Kidd. I spoke to Bob extensively before purchasing because I wanted to make sure the dog he sent was one that would fit into our household. I also arranged for a trainer to accompany Kidd’s delivery and stay for a few days to make sure we had a smooth transition. Vince, the trainer, was phenomenal. We have a young daughter, other dogs, horses, and a lot of company. He gave us the confidence to work with Kidd in each of these areas. I wasn’t sure my small female dog would ever be safe with Kidd (her fault, not his), but we took Vince’s advice and I now have a happy household again. Bob sent instructions for what to do in the beginning and over time. I followed the plan carefully and I have a dog who impresses everyone who meets him. I’ll give a brief example of how he impressed me recently. Kidd sits outside our small barn each day while I clean the stalls, but I haven’t mixed him with the horses. One of our horses got loose overnight and I didn’t realize it until Kidd and I were walking to the barn in the morning and the horse came running toward us. Kid is off leash when we’re home. I knew that the horse simply wanted breakfast and to be escorted back in, but I had no idea what Kidd would do. I told him to sit next to me and stay. My horse came to a stop in front of us while Kidd sat alert, but calmly at my side. I took my horse by the halter and told Kidd to walk with us to the barn. He did it as if we’d done this a hundred time together. I couldn’t say enough good about him if I had all day. He plays with my daughter nicely. They chase each other, play ball, but also play games I hope he’ll never have to do for real. She hides and we have him track her. I’m impressed at how seriously he takes the game and how well he tracks her. She can also call him to her and ask him to watch over her. We use the release word to tell him when he can just be goofy, but he really seems to understand the games. My husband doesn’t work with him much so he doesn’t do as much for him, but even my husband is impressed with how Bob sent us the perfect dog for our family. We don’t need another dog and hopefully won’t for a very long time, but when we do, I know where we’ll be getting it. Thanks, Bob and Vince. My family not only feels safer, but Kidd brings us so much joy as well. Thank you for working with us. Grateful in Massachusetts. I highly recommend Frost Kennels.

-Ruth C

Recently purchased a German Shepherd from Frost Kennels. She is just about 6 months old now and is extremely intelligent. Beautiful sable coat. We get asked about her everywhere we take her. She is in training classes and picks up commands almost immediately. She loves to please us and never leaves our side. Couldn’t be happier with our baby. Highly recommend Frost Kennels.

-Carmen B

image-2We’re do I begin… I have purchased 2 dogs from Bob. (I came there for 1 dog)

My dogs are wonderful! Every time I have had a question Bob has responded quickly and professionally. He has tons of knowledge and experience with German Shepherds and Mal.
So, I purchased another dog from Bob.

I know he will stand behind all his dogs and has a passion for his work.

-Nicole P

I bought an outstanding Showline German Shepherd puppy from Bob 2 years ago and she has been a wonderful dog. Bob has been extremely helpful and always answers questions quickly. He is respectful and considerate. I couldn’t ask for a better dog and would buy a dog from him again.

image-4We were on the hunt for a dog and came across a couple at the park in Akron with a beautiful German shepherd, we chatted for a bit and they gave me bob frost’s number and we soon contacted him. He was polite and sent pictures of a few pups so I went Memorial Day weekend and got my Ayva and couldn’t be happier. I’ve took her for training, Bob is a very patient man. Answering all my questions a lot of the staff has worked my Ayva.
-Raven B.

Probably the best person you can buy a dog from in the U.S. !
-Robert C.

My pup, Amber, is smart, beautiful, and fast! We could not be happier with our GSD from Frost Kennels.
-Ralph C.

Highly recommended. Great selection of puppies and dogs. Training is excellent. They will answer all of your questions and concerns almost immediately. Very high level of customer service.
-Bruce S.

We purchased a German Shepherd puppy in May and we could not be happier with Frost Kennels. Ruger is seriously the best puppy I have ever had. Thank you!
-Amber T.

My husband and I love Frost Kennels! We bought our Malinois, Odin, from them and continue to take him back for weekly training. His progress has been amazing.
-Caitlin S.

Very excited to get a pup from this Kennel! I have searched for a long time for the right Malinois breeder.
-Brandon C.

Great people, beautiful dogs. Would definitely recommend
-Donna G.

Love our new family member Freya ❤ she is a Belgian Malinois
-Vicki G.

We got our Mal from Bob. He has been great even after we picked her up. As new Mal owners we had questions. Bob has got back to us with answers on each very quickly. I will and have recommend Frost Kennels to anyone looking for a Malinois or GSD! Thanks Bob!
-Brandon R.

We purchased a male red and black Shepherd from Frost Kennels just over a year ago. They even delivered him to us. We are delighted with our big boy, Buddy Bright Von Haus Royer. He loves people, other dogs (especially his little sister Addie) and is healthy, alert and ready to play. We love him and are very satisfied with the breeding on our boy. You can’t go wrong with a pup from Frost Kennels
-Dawn R.

We would absolutely recommend Frost Kennels to anyone looking to purchase their next dog. Bob Frost is a great guy to work with in picking your new pup who provides top quality dogs. Our pup has been great with our 10 month old and is a great family dog. We couldn’t be happier with our dog, Ammo!
-Michelle R.

We got our pup Shadow from Frost Kennels in May 2014. Shadow was 11 weeks old. She is such a loving, smart, very social dog! Bob is very professional and easy to work with. We are so very pleased with Frost Kennels. We also take Shadow to Frost Grooming in Hartville. They do such an amazing job there I would recommend them to anyone! And while I am boasting about Frost Kennels and Grooming, I have also had them come and install my out of sight fence this fall. Frost Kennels is overall just a great place if you want a top notch dog, a breeder who knows what he is doing, and a pet that is amazingly loyal, intelligent, protective and so loving. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful companion!!
-Shelley H.

We have a sixteen week old male pup (Gretyl and Enzo) he is so amazing, fully housebroken and is so well behaved! Highly recommend Frost Kennels!
-Terri P.

3I have gotten 3 dogs from Frost Kennels and I could not be happier with them. I have a 2 year old male “Ace” out of the Gleena and Prince litter who is probably the smartest and most athletic dog I have ever owned. When I say he should have been a police K9 I mean it. My second dog “Arlo” is out of the Gretyl and Tank litter. He took after his dad that is for sure! At 10 months old he is 110 lbs. My last puppy “Khaos” is my most recent out of the Brita and Ziko litter. Arlo and Khaos are going to be starting their tracking, agility and obedience training next month. Anyone who wants a smart, good looking and loyal dog should look at Frost Kennels!
Ashley Welch



We picked up Enoch on New Year’s day. He’s 9 months old now and we are just crazy about him. Frost Kennels personnel were the BEST. We have recommended them all over our family and at his obedience school!






I purchased my German Shepard through Bob a
Year and half ago, Duncan is one of the best dogs I have ever had and
I am in the business, Bob is one of the most renown breeders I have
ever met he is TOP NOTCH!! And his dogs are A1!

Dan Lanzalaco




This is our sweetheart Candy. Her
intelligence and sweet disposition are unparalleled. I highly
recommend Frost Kennels if you’re looking to add a German Shepherd
into your family.

Angela Knapp



German Shepherd pups Ohio


We bought Koda almost 2 years ago from Frost
Kennels. Hands down the best decision we’ve made. He is the most
loyal, fun, and protective dog I could ever ask for. Koda always makes
my family and I smile and laugh. If you want a wonderful, loving dog,
go over to Frost Kennels. They really know what they’re doing and
treat dogs the way they should be treated, like family. Koda’s almost
2 now, we bought him when he was just a little puppy at 6 weeks. He is
like a brother to me. Seeing him grow up is honestly inspiring. He’s
so intelligent as well. And the professionalism with Frost Kennels is
outstanding! So happy we got Koda, he’s been a real life changer. No
one is upset when he’s with them. Protective, smart, loyal, fun,
outgoing, loving dogs at Frost Kennels – The best place to get the
best furry family member and friend!